You know you’re an adult when the idea of leaked celebrity nudes makes you feel empathy rather than arousal. I do mourn for the rich masturbatory life I had in my teens though.

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i’m going to write a modern version of kafka’s metamorphosis where a millennial wakes up and suddenly doesn’t find pugs cute anymore

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"In the United States, access to tampons and pads for low-income women is a real problem, too: food stamps don’t cover feminine hygiene products, so some women resort to selling their food stamps in order to pay for “luxuries” like tampons. Women in prison often don’t have access to sanitary products at all, and the high cost of a product that half the population needs multiple times a day, every month for approximately 30 years, is simply, well, bullshit."

- The case for free tampons (via stuffmomnevertoldyou)

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anybody suggest that toilet paper or paper towels in public bathrooms shouldn’t be free.  We’d consider it outrageous if that very basic necessity were to be missing, or provided only for purchase.

And yet.

(via animatedamerican)

When every damn product intended for women is more expensive than the products intended for men; when the products women need are considered luxuries; and when women are manipulated into thinking they need luxuries like make-up because society won’t accept a woman, won’t trust a woman without makeup; you wonder why women are more likely to live in poverty than men.

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